Grants are for £200 per eligible child. Funding for April 2017 to March 2018 opens at 10am on Monday 24th April, you can only have one grant per financial year.

If you and a resident within the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and your child is aged 1-17 years and has a disability or severe healthcare need and cannot access leisure activities in the community without additional help or support because they need constant supervision, 1:1 help or have a difficulty communicating, then your family can apply for a Personal Short Break Grant.

This may include some children who are eligible for Portage and Early Support who have an Education Health and Care (EHC) Plan, a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN), or who receive Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

All new applications must include a letter confirming your address as well as evidence of a disability or diagnosis from a doctor or health care professional, this must be supplied within 28 days of your application.

Please note that the grant is intended as a contribution towards your family taking part in short breaks activities. It is not intended to cover all activities you plan to do throughout the year. There is an expectation that there will be other activities you will do that will benefit you as a family.